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Agri./Veterinary Sciences

Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences discipline deals with the articles related to production, processing and commercialization of food and fiber products including plants and animals. This discipline also includes the articles related to the prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in plants and animals.

Physical Sciences

Physical sciences discipline includes all the sub-disciplines related to the studies of non-living things such as Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry and Earth Science. In general, it includes all the sub-disciplines of natural sciences except the life sciences or agri./veterinary sciences as Physical sciences are group of all non-biological studies.

Interdisciplinary Sciences

Interdisciplinary Sciences discipline is the section having all kind of articles having conclusion drawn from several fields such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, economics and their correlations on natural sciences like biology, physics, chemistry etc. Interdisciplinary articles are results of big projects designed across boundaries.









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iMaQPress is the only scientific publishing platform in the world where you can submit your articles in less than one minute.
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iMaQPress follows the focused scientific editing process rather than the old-fashioned less productive peer-review process
Post Publishing Targets
iMaQPress Inc. is aimed to take your contents to the global visibility so, our job is not finished on publishing but started after publishing.

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If you are a student, or society member and think scientifically, iMaQPress will teach you how to present, will provide a platform for publishing and to find a team to collaborate.
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Why iMaQPress?

Why We Are?

iMaQ in Brief

iMaQPress Inc. is working to develop an innovative scientific content management system (sCMS) which would help the readers to find the science as authentic as it is and this authenticity and its working has been divided into three main sections as follows;

  • 1. Articles and Journals Publishing Section
  • 2. Academic and Publishing News Section
  • 3. Academic and Publishing Events Section

These are few of our projects and partners helping us to reach the milestones

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